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This document outlines the details of the collaboration between iGEM and Biospectrum.


Agenda: For participants to gain a working understanding of synthetic biology and its various applications. The workshop would aim to promote synthetic biology, especially in eastern India, where knowledge is limited on the subject.

Expected dates: November 14 – 16, 2024

Duration: ~3 hours (10 AM – 1 PM)

Mode: The event is currently planned for in-person attendance, but we’re also working on plans for a hybrid setup.

Target audience: Undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Format: Presentation on synthetic biology given by iGEM Ambassadors, followed by a flipped classroom activity involving explaining SynBio-specific topics/words for non-STEM students (emulates the Feynman technique of learning)

Buffer period games: SynBio pictionary and science charades hosted by Biospectrum.


Flow of event

  1. Introduction to iGEM Ambassadors
  2. Synthetic Biology presentation
  • Historical background
  • What and Why Synthetic Biology
  • Building with biological legos
  • Commercial aspects of SynBio

Buffer period games




  1. Biospectrum will arrange accommodation, travel, and honorarium for speakers/ambassadors from iGEM.
  2. iGEM ambassadors will host a synthetic biology presentation for the workshop.
  3. iGEM ambassadors, in collaboration with Biospectrum, will conduct a flipped activity classroom.
  4. Certificates and prizes for winners and participants will be funded by Biospectrum sponsors or participant registration fees. Certificates will bear signatures from both the iGEM Community and Biospectrum.
  5. The workshop will be publicized on all Biospectrum and iGEM Community social media platforms using approved creatives.

Important Deadlines

Submission of Full Paper:15th September 2024
Submission of Abstract (Poster Presentation): 15th September 2024
Acceptance Notification:25th October 2024
Early Bird Registration for Oral and Poster Presentation: 5th November 2023

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